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AW Battery Repair Ltd New and Reconditioned Cells- Honda Hybrid Battery Specialists

Hybrid Battery (Honda Civic Hybrid IMA)

Welcome to AW Battery Repair Ltd 
We are one of the leading Honda Civic IMA Hybrid replacement specialists providing a new cells replacement service. We offer Honda Hybrid battery solutions for the Honda Civic IMA hybrid (2006 to 2011).  
The services that AW Repair offer are: 
Honda Civic IMA Hybrid Battery Refurbishment 
Honda Civic IMA Hybrid Battery Reconditioning 
Honda Civic IMA Hybrid New Cell Replacement


Hybrid Battery Cell Replacement, Hybrid Battery Repair, Hybrid Battery Recondition.

We are specialists in providing you a service by replacing, reconditioning or repairing the hybrid battery that will make your vehicle perform to the best of its ability.

Like everything in life, hybrid batteries fail and degrade during the course of its life and AW Battery Ltd can help you replace the dying batteries in your vehicle for Honda Civic IMA. 

We currently specialise in hybrid battery solutions for Honda Civic IMA (hybrid battery repair, hybrid battery refurbishment and hybrid battery reconditioning service, and hybrid new cell replacement)

We can offer a Hybrid diagnostic check for the Honda Civic IMA.

Faults in the Honda Civic IMA, we will clear the ones that relate to the IMA Hybrid Battery.

When replacing your hybrid battery, our highly committed professional team takes care of everything and takes your old hybrid battery away.

We are able to give you peace of mind and high-level satisfactory results, we also offer you a warranty of 3 months, 1 year or 3 years depending on the hybrid battery you choose. ​

Get in Touch

All we ask from you is:

  1. Call our friendly representative to discuss your car's problems to do with your Hybrid Battery, and we will book an appointment to come and see you.

  2. We will discuss what work is require in replacing your hybrid battery and will provide a fully inclusive quote.

We cover England at present only.

Don’t delay contact us today...


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